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The Mammoth is a large-format 3D printer that is like no other in Australia. With an internal printing space of 145w x 180h x 111d and a print speed of up to 30cm/second, it sets the standard in 3D printing, as it is the biggest and faster 3D printer in the world.


The Mammoth combines strength and accuracy to produce the highest quality final product. The capabilities of this printer are endless.


This printer is suited to print anything big, and the fact that we place no size-based restrictions should indicate how confident we are that we can get the job done. 

Whatever your application, you can achieve an amazing array of effects using a wide variety of coating and finishes.


create up to 6ft tall (1.8m) in one print. Easily connect parts for unlimited size possibilites


Print any shape with unlimited creative and geometry freedom


cut overall production time in half or more!

Minimal Supports

Mammoth 3D technology prints with practically no support structures


Post printing there is an endless array of different finishing options. We shape, paint and wrap all models in-house, dependant on the desired finish. 


Modeling Method

Colour Number

Modeling Area

Print Speed

3D data file format

Massivit 1800 PRO

Proprietary Dimengel 100

Proprietary Dimengel 100

Translucent and can be illumanated

145cm x 11cm x 180cm

300 mm/sec linear speed

35cm / 13.7" on Z axis per hour*


The Mimaki 3DUJ-553 is our smaller, high-resolution colour 3D printer. Do not underestimate this printer... It may be smaller, but its ability to print photorealistic objects is unlike any other printer in the world.


With access to print a CMYK ink bank, this printer can mix over 10 million colours, and can additionally print in transparent and white ink. With a bed size of 300w x 500h x 300d, there is extensive room to print your intricate objects.


This printer is suited to print anything. That's right, anything. If it can fit on the bed, we can print it. 

10 Million Colours

Bright colors are reproduced by layering UV color inks by utlizing the inkjet printing method

White & Clear Ink

Reproduce every detail with the ability to produce clear and white inks. Let your imagination run wild.

Ultra Quality Printing

High-resolution printing produces thin layers and ensures smooth surface.

Small Scale Production Runs

Small scale production runs and 1 off custom designs are all a possibility with the Mimaki

Product Testing & Fitting

Product testing before large scale production runs.  


Modeling Method

Colour Number

Modeling Area

Print Speed

3D data file format

Mimaki DUJ-553

Uv curable inkjet

Full Colour CMYK

Clear & White ink

508W x 508D x 305H mm

70kg (154.3lb) 


Image by mohammad alizade

Massivit 3D

Image by mohammad alizade

Mimaki 3DUJ-553

Image by mohammad alizade

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