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Mammoth 3D large format 3D printing is advancing multiple industries by providing radical-speed, mega-scale production, allowing businesses to speed up fabrication time.

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Mammoth 3D


The Mammoth is a large-format 3D printer that is like no other in Australia. With an internal printing space of 145w x 180h x 111d and a print speed of up to 30cm/second, it sets the standard in 3D printing, as it is the biggest and faster 3D printer in the world.


The Mammoth combines strength and accuracy to produce the highest quality final product. The capabilities of this printer are endless.

This printer is suited to print anything big, and the fact that we place no size-based restrictions should indicate how confident we are that we can get the job done. 

Whatever your application, you can achieve an amazing array of effects using a wide variety of coating and finishes.

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Engineering - Prototype, Tooling manufacturing

Digital Accuracy, Size, Quality, Speed

Speed up your tooling workflow, product design or concept prototyping by producing scale-one models in hours instead of weeks. Unlike traditional clay, foam, metal, and wood production processes,


large-scale additive manufacturing now brings to market rapid and cost-effective production with no material waste or mess.

  • Mega-volume fabrication eradicates the need to assemble multiple small parts


  • Create multiple iterations in no time, cutting down your workflow

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Combine 2D print applications with 3D impact

Mammoth 3D will help in providing giant, eye-catching WOW advertising and 3D displays at record speed. Thrill your customers with captivating 2D/3D integrated displays. 

  • 2D/3D POP displays, props, and selfie points

  • Innovative 3D window displays

  • Giant integrated 2D/3D billboards

  • Interactive event props and customized booths

  • Custom-shaped, large soft signage (SEG frames)

  • Unique channel letters and dimensional logos

  • 3D printed molds for thermoforming


Entertainment &

Film Enviroments

Cut Prop Production Time by Half

Slash your creative construction time in half with mega-scale 3D printing. Produce giant parts up to 6ft tall (1.8m) for stage building, theatre sets, and theme park props. Complex shapes and undercuts are a breeze. 


Large format 3D printing empowers you to create giant, stunning props and scenic displays in a fraction of the time of every other creative construction technology. Dramatically speed up your core model production for stage building, theatre sets, and theme park props so that you can focus on an ultra-creative finish, paint work, texture, or animatronics.

Complex shapes and undercuts are no longer an issue.  Massivit 3D’s Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) supports any type of artistic finish – from a scaly dinosaur skin to shiny, smooth surfaces.


For 15 years, we have dreamed of a day when a printer would provide super-large scale, speed, and build strength at low print costs, in equal measure. The Massivit 1800 has delivered this for us.”

– Sir Richard Taylor, Founder, Weta Workshop

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Modern Art


Merging art

with science

Mammoth 3d uses cutting-edge 3D printing to experiment and produce custom-shaped parts in any size or shape.  Expose your studio to our extraordinary technology that is already advancing multiple industries.

With everything we do, customer satisfaction always comes first. Hire mammoth 3D and rest assured you’ll be pleased with our services.

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Finishing Detail /

Post Process

Post printing there is an endless array of different finishing options. We shape, paint and wrap all models in-house, dependant on the desired finish. Models are internally reinforced if necessary, ensuring strength and longevity. 

Our spray booth is specifically designed to finish our Large format 3D prints.  Here we use high-quality automotive paints to achieve a number of different finishes. Alternatively, models can be wrapped in printed vinyl, fabric, or a number of different substrates to get you exactly what you want. 

If necessary, The final product can be installed by our team of trained fitters. We focus on delivering a high quality, secure installation that will withstand the test of time. We specialise in fixing them both temporarily and permanently in place. We can floor mount them, wall mount them, or even hang them from the ceiling.

Finishing Options




Massivit 1800 PRO

Modeling method

Proprietary Dimengel 100

Colour number

Proprietary Dimengel 100 translucent and can be illuminated.

Available modeling area

145cm x 111cm x 180cm or 57” x 44” x 70”

Print Speed

300 mm/sec linear speed
35cm /13.7” on Z axis per hour*

3D Data file format



Dimengel 100 (DIM 100) is a proprietary photo polymeric acrylic gel that enables models to cure while printing, delivering solid objects straight off the printer. This unique material facilitates support-less, non-vertical parts, tops, and ceilings.

The objects are hollow, translucent and can be illuminated.

Regulation Compliancy

Compliant with 1907/2006/EEC regulation 2006 (“REACH”)

Compliant with Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 (“CLP”)

Compliant with US the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) regulations

Does not contain any chemicals listed on California Prop.65

Fire Resistance (Dim 100 prints are compliant with the following standards)

DIN 4102 – class B2

ASTM D635²


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