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Mimaki 3D
Colour Printing

Mimaki high resolution full color 3D printing creates exceptionally beautiful objects with vibrant colors.


Mimaki full colour

Raptor 3D


The Raptor is our smaller, high-resolution colour 3D printer. Do not underestimate this printer... It may be smaller, but its ability to print photorealistic objects is unlike any other printer in the world.


With access to print a CMYK ink bank, this printer can mix over 10 million colours, and can additionally print in transparent and white ink. With a bed size of 300w x 500h x 300d, there is extensive room to print your intricate objects. This printer is suited to print anything. That's right, anything. If it can fit on the bed, we can print it. 

Image by Ion Şipilov
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Mimaki Machine_.jpg
Building Model


& Interior models

Its about details

3D models help clients and investors to visualise what their desired design will look like in its finished form. Making architectural models is an effective and efficient way to assist the communication between architects and their clients.

Modifications to the design can be made before the building construction commences, ensuring desired results. At Mammoth 3D we have the ability to reproduce 3D models at a fraction of the cost to build regular model builds.

Having a good architectural model is crucial in inspiring an investors’ understanding, enthusiasm, and confidence.


Engineering - Prototype, Tooling manufacturing

Quick turn around

The Mimaki original wave form control and high precision ink firing technology has allowed for precise ink droplet placement to be achieved. This enables the realistic reproduction of detailed design such as the sharp edge, and thinner layer shape.

Thanks to Mimaki original wave formcontrol and high precision ink firing technology, amassed in the development of inkjet printer for professionals to suit the high quality image, our 3D printer’s precise ink droplet placement has been achieved. It enables the realistic reporduction of detailed design such as the sharpe edge and thinner layer shape.

Engineer Working on Machinery
Visual Communication



Combine 2D print applications with 3D impact

The Mimaki 3D printer, [3DUJ-553] can satisfy professional requirements to incorporate full colour and fine modelling into the details of final products.

For example, figures, 3D maps and mock-ups. Post-processing options such as over coating and the attachment of screws are also made available through the Mimaki’s printing capabilities.

Concept design Game models

Concept design &

Game models

Cut Prop Production Time by Half

Cut down construction time by half with mega-scale 3D printing. Produce giant parts of up to 6ft (1.8m) tall for stage building, theatre sets, theme park props, and more.

Complex shapes and undercuts are made simple with the Mimaki printer. Added advantages include the ease to set up, the lack of wastage and mess, and finally, no raw materials to store!

Image by mohammad alizade

Your Satisfaction

Is Our Priority




Mimaki 3DUJ-553

Modeling method

UV Curable inkjet

Colour number

Full Colour - More than 10 million different colours

Clear & White ink

Available modeling area

508W × 508D × 305H mm (20 × 20 × 12 in) *1

Load capacity

70 kg (154.3 lb) or less *1    (*1: including support materials)

3D Data file format


Image by mohammad alizade

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